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Identify the best educational and career stream after 10th, 12th or college

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More Success and Fulfillment

When you identify an educational or career path that is in accordance with your unique natural potential, you allow yourself to go with the flow. It brings success and happiness in life as you choose to do what you are naturally made for.

Professional Satisfaction & Happiness

Your career stream should be in accordance with your unique natural potential. Your unique natural potential is identified by your personality type, aptitude, and career interests. It's vital for professional satisfaction and happiness.

Financial Growth & Independence

Financial growth is directly linked with your efficiency and performance in your chosen field. When you are passionate about your chosen field, you excel beyond your wildest dreams. This results in financial growth and independence.

AltCtrl Media Process


Identify student’s natural potential with world- renowned psychometric assessments.

Step 2

Online one-to-one counselling for 6 hours spread over 3 sessions with certified counsellor.

Step 3

Identifying the best-fit study streams and career options.

Identify Your Unique Natural Potential

Identify your personality type

Your personality is identified using renowned assessments like MBTI

Match your interests with your goals in life

Your personality is identified using renowned assessments like MBTI

Aptitude test

Aptitude tests are conducted to assess what a person is capable of doing

Identify your unique natural potential

The counsellor will help identify your unique natural potential by combining personality, interest and aptitude

What is Unique Natural Potential?

Most career counselling centers are in a practice of using aptitude tests as the evaluation of one’s capabilities and they start prescribing the courses and colleges based on this superficial assumption.AltCtrl Media digs deeper into understanding every student’s unique natural potential, which is identified using the three major factors — personality, career interests, and aptitude. It enables us to make appropriate career recommendations that are best suited for the student.

Proven assessments - Accurate results

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® or MBTI® is a renowned assessment that is used worldwide to identify the personality type of an individual. MBTI® career counselling provides some very good insights into the motivations, potential areas of growth and natural strengths of an individual.This is extensively used in top educational institutions worldwide as a foundation in career planning.
Myers Briggs Type Indicator® or MBTI®
The Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment is also one of the most reputed tools used worldwide to know the insights into an individual’s professional and personal interests. In a world where new career opportunities are emerging fast, this tool helps you make the best career options after 12 based on your strengths and interests. Why is it so popular? It can be easily conducted online and its reports can be used in online career counseling sessions. It generates analytic reports that are backed by proven scientific research. It's been in use worldwide for more than 80 years now.
Strong Interest Inventory®