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AltCtrl Media Child IQ – is a dynamic team of professionals from various fields who have come together to spread Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test & Mid Brain Activation concept in India.

Dermatogyphics Multiple Intelligence Test - Dmit

DMIT is scientifically proven biometric analysis of the fingerprints. The patterns of fingerprints are closely linked to our nervous system. These patterns help to explore the inherent brain power to know our inborn talents. DMIT has its benefits in several forms. First of all, it helps one in knowing one’s innate capabilities and therefore a person may work upon one’s hidden talent, possibilities and ability to excel in fields that match with one’s built-in potential.

Advanced Medicare

Our Neuro Performance Programmes aims at developing the Intuition in children by Activating their Mid- Brain AltCtrl Media - Child IQ Wing is one of the leading company in promoting the MID-Brain Activation Program. After a detailed research in Neuro Performance, we have started with Mid- Brain Activation Program which aims to bring out the genius in children.

Psychometric Test

A Psychometric Test measures more than just self-perception, it measures actual behavior, because what people actually do is more important than what they say, or think, they do.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Primary Vision Of AltCtrl Media - Child IQ Is To Spread Committed Awareness On DMIT,


Benefits of DMIT

Increases Visual-Spatial Intelligence, Increases Verbal Linguistic Intelligence, Increases Intra Personal Intelligence, Increases Logical Mathematical Intelligence, Increases Naturalistic Intelligence, Increases Inter Personal Intelligence, Increases Kinesthetic Intelligence, Increases Musical Rhythmic Intelligence

Benefits Of Midbrain

Brain Activeness, Resetting Mind, Increases Focus & Concentration, Increases Creativity, Increases Memory Power, Stabilizing Both The Brains.

Benefits of Psychometric Test

Child Becomes More Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional

So Why US?


AltCtrl Media is the Leader and very well known brand in the DMIT & Mid-Brain Activation business. 100% Genuine Accurate Software. 100% Franchise Growth Support Model.


90% to 95% Report Accuracy. Value for money Business model. Long Term Vision and Transparent policy. Easy to use System.

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Psychometric Test

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