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Midbrain Activation

Midbrain activation is a pseudoscientific training method claiming to allow the development of blind vision and to improve memory and concentration.

Midbrain Activation

Midbrain Activation is the way to become genius. Midbrain is a control panel between left and right hemisphere of the nervous system. Once the mid brain is activated, it helps the left and right hemisphere to communicate effectively with each other. It balances the approaches of left and right hemisphere and thus unveils a mysterious secretive power to unleash the true potentials of your child’s intelligence one by one to help him achieve his life goals.

Functioning of Brain and Role of Mid Brain


 When your child desires to achieve something, to bring certain energy to complete task or to get inner motivation to prepare for the goals, he relies on the functioning of his brain. But at times his goal appears to be larger than he can understand and accomplish. He puts in his energy but fails.  What stops him achieving his goals? It happens as the goals correspond to a hemisphere of brain which is not dominant.

Every human brain has two hemispheres: Left hemisphere and right hemisphere. Usually one of the hemispheres among left and right is used more effective and dominant. Left hemisphere associates with words and is logical and right hemisphere associates with images and its intuitions. Genetics, childhood preference, and nurturing have major role in determining the brain dominance. During different stages of life, the world presents different challenges which cannot be successfully meet until there is an appropriate combination of working from left and right hemisphere. There are life situations which require both logic and intuition to work at the same time.

Activation of mid-brain helps in simultaneous use of left and right hemispheres.Mid Brain strengthens the functioning of both the hemispheres. However; to unleash the true power of nervous system, mid-brain must be fully functional. There is a great learning inside every child which just waits to happen till mid brain activation brings it out.

Mid-Brain remains in hibernation state in most of the people. It is like an engine which requires fuel to start. Brain Vision conducts the Neuro Performance Programme which aims at activating the mid-brain. We work on the theory of “blindfold activation” which is gaining momentum worldwide. Here is what the Blindfold Activation does:

  • Blindfold Activation stimulates the left and right hemisphere.
  • These activities help the children to do any task with closed eyes such as, reading the headlines of a newspaper, biking, painting and even walking. The blindfold methods are absolutely safe.
  • Blindfold activities activates all the human senses for their top performance improves the super intuition and concentrating power.
  • Boost the self confidence and develops positive attitude.

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